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the commerce almanac
| Blades in the Dark |

It's that time again! The semi-annual Commerce Almanac has arrived courtesy of your humble servants, The Hive.

The Almanac is the must-read repository of knowledge regarding the ebb and flow of goods [and vices] across Doskvol. Perfect for upstart purveyors, traders, hawkers, [and smugglers].Know who's buying, storing, hoarding, selling, or otherwise possessing and/or desiring to acquire all manner of commodities legal and elseways!Available NOW!

The Skulking Mage
| Dungeon World |

With this compendium class for Dungeon World, give your thieves and other sneaky heroes a magical twist! Become an "amateur mage" with a special limited form of the
"Cast a Spell" move, PLUS new spells that can enhance the shadowy dealings of skulking mages and wizards alike!

InitiATIVE cards
| ALIEN rpg |

Instead of using pen and paper or standard playing cards, use these industrial / sci-fi themed cards to easily track your initiative in the official Alien RPG!
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